Eating Whole Foods is the Best Practice for Weight Loss

October 22, 2018by mclique mclique0

Eating Whole Foods to Lose Weight

Most of us realize there is no quick fix when it comes to weight loss. There are no pills, powders or potions that will keep you from feeling hungry forever; burn calories while you sleep; or replace the nutrients your body derives from whole foods; like real fruits and vegetables, proteins and whole grains. Eating consistently clean and avoiding processed foods, which tend to be high in fats, salt and sugars will definitely help you lose the weight you want to and manage your weight moving forward.

Saying Bye Bye to Processed Foods

In our fast-moving culture it can seem like there is no time for real food that takes time to prepare. So, we turn to fast food and processed foods which can put our body on the fast track to ill health and obesity. At this point, many people, especially younger generations, don’t even know what their life would be like without processed foods. Ridding them from your diet will help improve your health, mood and appearance.

Processed foods are often chemical laden and addictive, with altered tastes and textures we begin to crave. Putting them into our bodies is not only making a choice to fuel ourselves with bad fuel, but we are literally depriving ourselves of the vital nutrients we require.

Embracing Whole Foods Again

Once you begin to eat more cleanly by ingesting whole foods, it won’t be long before you begin to experience a multitude of health benefits that include:

  • You will lose weight and maintaining a healthy weight will be easier
  • Your brain will perform better
  • Your sleep patterns will improve
  • You will build immunity and get sick less often
  • Your digestion will improve
  • Your skin will look better
  • Your hair will be fuller and shinier
  • Your Nails will get stronger

Taking a REAL Food Challenge

One way to begin kicking your processed foods to the curb and embracing whole foods again is with a 30-day R.E.A.L. food challenge for Restorative, Energetic, Authentic Living where you begin eating cleanly.

Over time, your tastes will change and you will no longer crave processed foods. As your body adjusts to clean eating, it will make it easier to be consistent in making healthy eating choices.

Obesity can lead to diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Work with our practitioners to build a strategy for healthy living that includes a sustainable diet and regular exercise. Visit our walk in clinic in Kendall to start implementing healthy habits, lose weight, and feel better than you have in years!

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